I have had an Electro-Acoustic guitar for a Year now...
but I never used the electric hub on the side of it,
because I don't have an amp.

I want to record acoustic music on the computer, a normal microphone leaves noise
in the background and I cant manage to fix it near to the guitar comfortably.

I know that there is a way to record what you play on the guitar into the computer
by using a special wire that connects the computer to that hub on the side of the guitar somehow. but I don't know what exactly to do...

Does anyone know what steps should I follow here?

hopefully once I do this, i will upload my first recording here
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i use a Lexicon Lambda USB audio interface for hooking up the mics, and Line level instruments etc...in your case you could record the acoustic by connecting it to one of the channels or for better quality get a condenser mic to hook to it which will sound better.

M-Audio makes some nice USB devices too...

You can visit my profile to hear my acoustic recordings which were all done with the Lambda.
Audio Interface + Instrument Cable.
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get a USB

I have this one


Works very nice... i least i think so. If you send me you email i will send you a sample of how it sounds

I plugged it in and within 30 seconds was up and running. Recorded two radio ads that were perfect level on the first try. Sound was crisp and full. For the price, I won't find a better product for audio recording on my computer.

the interface + cable is not that good for acoustic because depends on the quality of the system of the guitar. The mic in better as you get the sound from the wood and chamber itself
Two ways:
USB Audio Interface - Instrument Cable - Guitar
USB Audio Interface - (Small Condenser) Mic, Mic Cable - Guitar
I love small condenser mics on acoustic guitar. I use Neumann´s KM 184, stereo pair, but these make no sense, if you don´t have good converters in your audio interface.

Best wishes,

thanks all! i'll probably get Mic then! i listened to many recordings, some were recorded using a guitar-to-computer cable, and some were recorded using a mic. the mic sounded a lot nicer and original!
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