Hi guys, I was hoping someone on here could help me with a problem I have.

I log into youtube, but it just takes me back to the homepage with the original Sign In link where my username should be, i've tried creating new accounts etc. But it seems alot of people other than myself have this issue. I've read that you could access a personal firewall and disable it, tho I don't think I have a personal firewall. I disabled my windows firewall outright, and deleed my cache, but still it dosen't work.

Any advice would be greatly appriciated, my thanks.
Is your browser accepting cookies from youtube right? Try a different browser to see if it works, in which case your cookie settings are most likely the issue. If you have a limit on how much memory cookies are allowed to use, this might be why it's not working right. Try deleting some cookies and/or increasing the amount of memory they're allowed to use.