Got this at a pawn shop a couple weeks ago.

Its not a very good guitar, but getting better than when I got it, and it might eventually have a full recovery.
The neck had too much relief, and adjusting the truss rod has more effect on one end than the other, so I can get the action down to a reasonable level, but the last 4 or 5 frets are useless, the last fret is too high. Also the action on the high and low strings is way different, so I shimmed the high side to get them kinda the same. Maybe if I pound down the last fret... (I dont feel like doing a complete neck rebuild yet)
The switches turn on or off each of the two single coil pickups. Not many options, perhaps I'll add an out-of-phase switch. The volume and tone knobs seemed ineffective at first. Turns out they were not grounded! Perhaps in factory-new condition the pots were grounding through the shiny metal plate? I added a groundwire.
The bridge and nut look like they might not be original. Both have too wide a slot for the small strings, and the bridge doesnt match the contour of the body. I'm planning to replace them both.
I'm not crazy about hollowbodies, so I dont know if this one has nice enough tone or not. The fact that its a bit of a chore to play (and it has thickish strings, I should try 9s?) means that I dont really care if the tone is right.
looks like an old teisco, kay or prestige. they were pretty common, the Teisco company cranked out guitars by the truckload for a few decades. Generally they are decent low-end guitars. i have a few teisco guitars that i love for their classic surf sound. When you clean them up and give them a little TLC it is easy to see why people like em.

Looks very close to a Teisco EP-7 ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teisco )
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drat. I dont likw how I added the pictures. maybe go here http://s1182.photobucket.com/albums/x443/jamescollie/MadeInJapan/

Awesome! it looks sweet, what does the neck plate say? I am looking on the internet to try to identify the brand. More and more "teisco" is being used more as a generic term for any guitar made in japan from the 50's - late 60's. But there were numerous brand names... the headstock is the key to identifying it i think.
If i might ask what did you pay for it? i just picked up one of the cheap 3 pickup Teisco solid bodies (the red and black style) for $35 but that is much cheaper than they normally go for. I have quite a pile of Gear waiting for my return home in march!
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Every guitar and bass forum I've visited has some people chasing some magical tone that will shoot jizzing unicorns riding on a rainbow out of their amp.
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I paid $100. Not bad but nothing to brag about. Could have been brag-able if it played sweet or had a recognizable name. I agree the headstock is the key to ID.
thats awesome

the bridge looks whacck though, whats the intonation like? id be tempted to rip the bridge off sand it down a bit and reposition it.

the neck does look pretty warped in this pic though...

is it a bolt on? you could try shimming it (putting a few thin strips of carboard in the neck pocket.)
frets filed so all notes play, shim done and its better, but not as low as I like...yet. And I carved some off the bottom of the bridge to lower it and make it fit better, needs 3 times a much work on the bridge to be a real fit. I'm still not in love, but its playable now.
i have probably seen 100 different 'vintage' or 'older' from japan, tons of different shapes, colors, one i saw didn't even have a serial of any kind. it is likely a tiesco, i have one too but its more LP junior-esque. they are cool to have hanging on the wall, but nothing amazing compared to my other gear. you will likely ever really idenitify it, by means of made "here" marketed under this brand, etc. they are fun though.

the only guitars that i buy (and stalk for) are Yamaha Nippon Gakki acoustics. i have like seven or eight, you can find them for $100-200 on ebay for nice condition ones, of a lot less for beaten ones. i have them in just about every possible condition, one has a crack on the top, one has a hole in the side, one was painted with house paint than i was sanding for several days with the belt sander and still haven't gotten it all off. they are fun. i have payed between $15 and $75 for mine. they are very nice guitars, and usually you can pick them up so cheap because they aren't aware of what they are and just deem them worthless. but if you are somebody who knows what they are getting some go for $100-200 depending on model and condition.
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