Just got my wisdom teeth out pit, due to a mix of the swelling and the fact that I'm a teen doing No-Shave November, I look like Joe Dirt in a fat suit.

So back to the topic, I need food. So what can I eat. MUST be soft/not require chewing. No straws. Must be able to be eaten NOT hot. So far I've found:

Ice cream.
Cold mashed potatoes.

What are your suggestions?
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pain pills. eat enough, and nothing else matters. go ahead, ill wait while you try.
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Get a blender - problem solved. My friend went through the same thing. We ended up blending her pizza. It actually tasted good.
It's called "Movember", at least here in Australia it is, which is way more catchy than "No-Shave November".

As stated above, just put everything in a blender, works wonders.
My job doesn't let me participate in movember

but, if i were you i would eat like 5 liters of apple sauce. apple sauce is the shit!
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Omelettes are good, so are pancakes, polenta, and some pasta.
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Omelettes are good, so are pancakes, polenta, and some pasta.

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cold pasta/potato salad.....shits good
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When I had similar issues confronting me (jaw surgery), finely diced pasta became a fav. Rock those protein drinks (complan, sustagen, etc.) too...oh and stewed apple is fantastic, especially with a bit of cream and cinnamon.
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I would either chew with my front teeth or mash it enough using my tongue and the roof of my mouth and eat chicken nuggets and the sort that way
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Applesauce, jello, chocolate (just wait for it to melt in your mouth instead of chewing), soup, milkshakes, pie fillings.

The first day after I got my teeth out I tried to eat pizza and ripped my stitches
Custard and ice blocks.
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- Cold soup.
- Weetabix with slightly warmed milk.
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I had them all removed at once, and ate everything I could like a boss. Not that hard, just chew very gently and don't rush your eating. Or you might tear your stitches or something :S
As a fellow teen,for the first time I can actually participate in movember.
It's more out of laziness though,rather than creating awareness for mens health.
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Everyone just jumps on the bandwagon and gives the same advice in these situations. You know what? I'm going to be different. Call the firemen.