I have been a fixed bridge guitarist my entire life so a quick 6 string drop was only seconds away. I play lead in a band and we play in C# standard and i set up my new Ibanez RGD up and slapped some dimarzios in it and i was ready to go. Although the stuff we write now is all in just C# old material we tuned the 6th string down (like drop D to E standard)

I keep trying different things to make it work but does anyone know any easier way? i know about the EVH D-tuna but I dont think it will work for the Ibanez Tremolo...if it does will someone assure me and if not give me a solution!

thanks a bunch UG community

I have the White RGD pictured here

You either have to:
1.) Get a second guitar to keep in C#
2.) Set your guitar up for C#
3.) Block your tremolo in some way

Option number 2 is the easiest but it means you'll have to adjust the springs in the back every time you want to switch back from standard to C#. This can also create problems with string gauge too though. As in, too light a string gauge will play fine in standard but be floppy in C#, while too heavy a string gauge will play fine in C# but be really stiff in standard. This isn't always bad, just some stuff to think about.

Those are pretty much your only options.