Looking at buying a 7 string and this caught my eye. Unsure about the neck heel on all EC's as I've only ever played one for 10 seconds. Looks pretty sexy, LP shape, White (over the Black finish), fairly classy styling, maple neck, ToM, etc.,

Linky: http://www.espguitars.com/guitars/ltd-standard-deluxe/ec-407.html

However, there are a few things that make me hesitate. Active pups (biased, only played on passives), the mahogany body(thinking I'd want something brighter), and the price. $1,100 MSRP (stated at SamAsh direct), with a retail price of $750 (same site seems just a tad too much for a 400-series guitar when you can get an EC-1000 for $850 (SamAsh) and an EC-401 for $650, and an RGA7 for $550 (SamAsh)...

What I'm trying to ask is, Is the EC-407 a good bang-for-the-buck guitar?
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Considering that even on the ESP boards there isn't anyone who's had any real play time with one of these, I doubt you'll get any worthwhile answers. Even most guitar magazines haven't been able to get their hands on them yet.

But going on what the other EC 401s are like and what the other LTD 7-strings are like, I'd say it is worth it. If you want a bright tone then LP style guitars just aren't for you in the first place. Active pickups are also pretty much a requirement if you do want a brighter-sounding 7-string. The neck heel looks to be the same as any other LP style guitar.

It's not like there are many other 7-string LP style guitars on the market and ESP's EC series is usually one of the better LP copy out there. If you want a 7-string LP then of the few options there are this probably will turn out to be the best one. In terms of the price I think it's fair enough. Yes, the 1000s don't cost that much more and the 401 is cheaper but 7-strings are always more expensive, that's just the nature of the beast. The RGA7 is much cheaper but it's also a much simpler build.