Hey everyone, just recently finished a recording I've been working on (still kind of a work in progress), and I would like some second opinions. Here is a link to my Soundcloud profile:


The song is called Dust to Ashes. The other tracks are actually a good bit older than this one. Anyways, any crits are much appreciated. Thanks.
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Pretty cool, i do have some suggestions though. cymbals are quite over powering at certian times. And the guitar need bringing out a bit more with some low end in there.

As for the track it's self it's a well written piece of classic sounding metal. Would sound great with some vocals plenty of scope.
Nice one.

Crit mine?


sounds like it would fit a game, but it's got some nice guitar. =)
love the "epic" start to the song, but i reckon the drums of the riff at 0:40 could be redone- they're a bit too simple in relation to the thick guitar texture during that part.
for the whole song, i reckon you should use a good drum vst like superior drummer, as that will sound a lot more realistic and natural.
you should also focus on your guitar recording technique and tone, as it is way too tinny and fizzy. maybe boost mids and cut treble? idunno, play around with it.

the composition overall is quite interesting to listen to- keep it up the playing is really cool, can't hear any mistakes.

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Musically, it sounds like an interesting piece, however the quality of the guitars on the recording killed the whole song for me