I was wondering if any of you lovely people have one of these Epi's?


I saw one in the local music shop today for 379 or something and am toying with the idea of buying it. Do they sound ok and what do they play like. I didnt get it down off the rack so I dont know what the neck is like, Im hoping its a bit narrower than my SG 400. What do you all reckon?
Eh, it's ok, about what I would expect for the price and and brand. Probably not going to sound or play much different then your SG400 (All mid-range epi's tend to play and sound the same. It's not a bad thing, I just find them very similar).

However, you don't need our approval if your music store has one. Go sit down and try it out with your rig and compare it to your current guitars/other guitars that you're also considering.

Edit: Just two more things:
1.) The neck is slim taper (same as the Les Paul ultras) so it will be slightly thinner then your SG400.
2.) The neck is bolted on... Which Epiphone generally doesn't do well...
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Thanks for that Strats&Cats, something to think about there...
Just a general question... Ive been playing alot of Queen stuff lately but cant get any of my guitars near the RS sound... whats a good cheap guitar that is capable of sounding like the Red Special out of phase. Or can either of my guitars in my sig be made to sound somewhere close with a hardware change?
A guitar isn't going to get you his sound, a nice overdriven VOX style amp is where you need to start if you want that type of sound.
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so an AC30...

There's a lot more that goes into a particular artists sound, but yes a bright sounding british-voiced amp (like the AC30) is where you would want to start for a queen-esque sound. You'ld have to push it into overdrive (which is reeeaaalllly loud, louder then most expect, especially if you haven't had the chance to really play a 15+ watt tube amp nearly completely open) to really get the rich and raunchy overdrive heard in most of their songs.

However, even with that, you wouldn't nail his sound 100%. Each artist has their own sound for a reason. They all EQ they're amps differently, they all use different amps/pedals, and most importantly they all play differently. You could really go on for days about how to get certain sounds.

Basically, when buying gear I suggest people do this:
1.) First, get a few nice guitars (they don't need to be anything fancy, just ones that are built well and won't hinder your playing ability or sound too much) Hell, I only have 2 and I don't need any more.

2.) Then, get a nice amp that fits YOUR style of music and sounds best to you. Don't try to replicate others sounds, look for something that sounds pleasing to your ear. Don't be afraid to spend more on your amp then you did your guitar as it's most important to your sound. You can play a premium guitar through a shitty amp and sound like shit, or you can play a shitty guitar though a nice amp and sound pretty good. So the balance between the two is important.

3.) Then start looking for all the little nuances that will complete your sound. Things like pedals, new speakers, pickups, new tubes, etc.

And at the end of the day the #1 rule is: Trust your own ear over anything someone tells you. A lot of people think certain amps/pedals/pickups are good simply because people tell them they are. A good example is Mesa/Boogie rectifiers. A lot of people think they're great amps, I think they sound like shit, and I almost bought one years ago simply because I tricked myself into thinking "well everyone says great things about them so they must be good, even if I can't quite hear it". WRONG. Always trust your ears, you know whats best for you. *I'm not saying rectifiers are bad, just that I don't like the sound at all*

Finally, just try out as much equipment as you can. Go up to your local music store and just play everything, for hours. You really start to get a feel for how amps work and react with certain set-ups. Just expose yourself to as much as possible.

Sorry if my response was really long winded and uncalled for, you just seem a bit lost as to how to find "your sound" and I figured I could help a bit.
Theres a Vox AC30VT at the local cash converters for $449 au which is roughly dollar for dollar with the greenback. Looks a bit rough... What are they like and is it worth that kind of money?
Just curious where are you located?Because that epiphone is $199 new in the States. Wish i could help with the Vox question...but a pretty wide range of artists use them so you might want to look up some You Tube demos and see if you can find a list of what popular artists use them
In Australia schecter guy. Every thing is more expensive on this side of the pond.