So.. I was just gonna download a gp file of moby dick when a message showed up telling me that the tab was not available for my country due to some copyright thing. I just thought oh that's weird, whatever and just looked up another version of the song, but the same thing happened over and over again. I eventually searched for stairway to heaven and yep the tabs there were blocked aswell. Im from Sweden btw and this has never happened before and I was able a couple of months ago to use led zep tabs. Can someone fix this or atleast provide a mirror source for some tabs? Would be much appreciated as that copy right guy is a real asshole 'hey lets forbid everyone except the Americans to use tabs and learn songs derpa derp derp'.. :-/
This is a known thing, it's been raised in the Bugs forums dozens of times.

It's not an error, it's a legal requirement the site has to comply with.

Find the other threads which discuss it and you'll find the answer.
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Yeah I know it's not an error, but it still pisses me off... Oki I'll check some other threads about it. Thanks.
try learning some dethklok songs instead

lol oh wait
modes are a social construct
i thought since this site was based in russia ug doesnt give a crap what american recording groups think?