Hi, I'm new here so sorry if this is the wrong area etc. :P

I bought a "Casino Stage Series" about 5 months ago because i've been told it's a good first guitar (Cheap) If you don't know what it is, it's shaped like a Yamaha Pacifica, and has the same 2 single coil and a bridge humbucker layout. Everything on it (Except the strings) is stock. I have a Fender PA passed down to me from my parents, and a little practice amp too, so I'm fine for amps etc! I have a fuzz pedal and thats it

I was hoping for advice on what i should do to customise/Improve my guitar, keeping in mind that I'm 15, Singing and playing lead in a band, and don't have much money. New pickups maybe, effects? ALL advice is welcome and much appreciated! Thankyou
What's your amp? When you ask for help, be specific with what you have and what you want as far as your experience allows.
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The amp I use for practice is just a 15w Casino practice amp, has basic features, gain knob etc. But When I'm playing with the band I use a PA with 2 Behringer 400w speakers connected to an unbranded head.