I want to install a new pickup in my Fender bullet Squier. So I've removed most of the screws on my pickgaurd and everything is loose except the 5 way tone switch. I've removed the two screws keeping it stuck to the pickgaurd but the head of the switch is blocking me from pulling it through. Is it just a pull-off issue or do I need to do something specific?

Help will be appreciated
I had a similar problem. You're right that the head needs to come off, but getting it off could be a struggle..... Try pulling the head off with your hands. I that doesn't work, try using some pliers wrapped in tissue (that way the teeth don't damage the soft plastic).

For some reason, on a really cheap strat copy I once had, the head just refused to come off, and I ended up using a hacksaw to make a "channel" for the switch bar to pass through (not recommended!!!!!). However, on another strat copy, the head came off using just my small amount of muscle
tone switch?

do you mean the tone knob i think you just pull it of
there shoudle be a nut holding the pot in place if you havent already removed it

i think you mean the pick up selector switch

yeah that should just come off try using your hands or some pliers if you need to

shouldnt take that much force
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I presume you mean the pickup selector switch? Must be if it's 5-position....
you just called a pickup selector switch a "tone switch".

just my opinion, take the guitar to a shop before you start ripping out the pickups and soldering new ones in.
Yes the pickup selector switch(I'm still very amateur) . I've tried pulling it off with my hands but it's proving quite difficult. Think I'll try using the pliers wrapped in tissue.