I'm looking to sell or trade my Randall tube head. The specs are;

50 Watts
2 Channels (Clean and Overdrive) each with 2 'modes'
2 x EL34's
3 x 12AX7's
Clean Boost - increases the clean channel's volume, makes it break up easier, turning it into a crunch channel
Overdrive Gain 1 and 2 - there are 2 different gain types, gain 1 is more classic metal and gain 2 is more modern sounding.
Seperate EQ for the overdrive and clean channels.
4 Ohm and 8 Ohm MONO outputs
Effects Loop with level switch
Master Volume
And I will include the footswitch.

Now, these are quite rare it seems over here in the UK, as Randall seem to have stopped producing the RH50, but the one I have is also the mark 1 model (the mark 2 had a black faceplate and 8 and 16 Ohm outs, and I believe it also had an extra 12AX7).

The amp does need retubing, as it tends to make a horrible popping, cracking noise sometimes, and I will factor that in.

They were worth 500 GBP brand new, and seeing as this is quite a rare amp, I'm asking for 350 GBP or near offer, or of course, something to trade (if you happen to have a Bugera 333XL Head, I will more than happily shake hands with you).

I live in Essex, and you are more than welcome to come and try it out, but you will have to pick it up if you decide to buy it.

So here you have it, my RH50T + footswitch.

Pictures (sorry that they're blurry);

PM me or post in this thread if you're interested.
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