Hey guys. Been a while since I uploaded anything here . Anyway, a good friend of mine requested that I try and "metal" up this tune a bit. It took a while, but I think it turned out pretty good. It starts out heavy with a driving beat, then get slow and epic at the end. Kinda messed up a bit in the beginning, but recover quickly. Here's the gear layout for the recording.

Guitars - Douglas Telecaster for everything
amp - All AMT DT-2 with some redwirez cabs
Bass - Fender Bronco through the AMT DT-2 with just a little bit of dirt
Drums - Drumkit From Hell
DAW - Reaper

As always, I'll gladly critique anything you guys would like.

5150 combo
GSP1101 + Tech 21 PE60

ESP LTD M-255 w/ SD Full Shred
Kramer Vanguard w/ JE-1000 active preamp
Douglas WF-150sn w/ GFS "Hot Lead" set

Bos SD-1 (boost)

My Youtube Vids http://youtube.com/user/mogar
Thanks for the crit on my Pokemon cover

That's a nice arrangement and it's near-perfect playing-wise! I like it. The only thing is, the mixing is very rough. The drums are very quiet, you should turn them up. Guitars sound a bit muddy, EQ-ing on the higher shelves should make it sound better.