Don't all the new 2011 S series have 24 frets?

Could be a typo, and they meant the S570 or the S420, both of which have 24 frets
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Quote by pigeonmafia
Don't all the new 2011 S series have 24 frets?

Could be a typo, and they meant the S570 or the S420, both of which have 24 frets

Now that makes a lot more senses, I counted all the frets up (time consuming I know) and it looks to me like it has 24 frets. I wasn't too sure.
i counted the frets on the picture and there's 24 so i don't think it's a typo - i've heard they've changed some of their guitars into 24 fretters for the 2011 models
I have one...just like the one in the Guitar Center Picture referenced in the link below - Oil, hand rubbed mahogany with 24 fret rosewood fingerboard. I must say, I have compared it side by side to both an American Strat and a Gibson American SG and find the S470 lighter and easier play than the Fender and the Gibson. The S-470 tremelo is first class, the string lockers and the micro-tuners work well, and the pickups are H-S-H configuration and can sound clean or snarl. This guitar is special because it is 24 fret. I have a friend that has a 22 fret version with a clear finish on it and there is absolutely no comparison. IMHO the 22 fret version does not hold a candle to the 24 fret version of the S470. I would rate this 10/10/10/10.
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bobafettacheese You are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to mine. I don't see a problem with bumping up this old thread because (1) I do not believe this particular guitar was reviewed (as far a I could find), and (2) the 22 v 24 fret issue was ever really resolved, and (3) as an owner of the "real thing" since new, people should have the benefit of the information if they are looking to buy one on the used market (and they are showing up) with there being very little information available about this particular guitar, and (4) this was no cheap guitar when it originally sold new. As I recall the list price for this S470 when new was about $1,000.00, with it actually selling for between $650.00 and $700.00. So, even if used, it is not an going to be an inexpensive guitar. Lastly, it is not an uncommon occurrence to bump old reviews for Ibanez guitars.
Bumping threads that died years ago is a pointless activity. I'm pretty confident in believing that TS' problem would be solved 5 years on. If you want to raise a thread on the topic, do so.
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