So, I was thinking, is buying an ltd Ec-256 distressed, then modyfying it, would make a good guitar? I mean does it have a good wood, and it would become i good guitar when i change all harware and pickups etc. ?

I want to buy this and modify it as i save my money, and make my own guitar, which would have a moral value.

1th month : I buy the guitar,
2nd: Dunlop straplock and strap
3rd: Gotoh/tonepros TOM bridge and tailpiece
4th: Sperzel/ Planet waves locking tuners
6th: Dimarzio Super distortion on bridge
8th: A dimarzio neck pickup, for clean tones, probably air norton, open for ideas.

So that would be a project.

So i will be using only wood of ec-256, does it have an enough good wood for such a project, or buying an ec-1000 would just give better quality?
You can't really polish a turd... Parts are only Part of the guitar. Craftsman ship is the biggest Thing to really look at. Does it play nice feel great ect thats what makes a good guitar IMO If thats the case then go ahead and dump money into it. Other wise just buy a new guitar. One that suits what you what and need. The ec doesn't seem bad though and I think you could do all those mods.
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What you may want to consider is buying parts to a goo guitar an putting it together from there. I i that with an ibanez S series. All in all it cost me about 500-600 bucks for everything, now i have a proper guitar that I can i say i 'built' my self
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Well, i also have idea to change tuners, bridge and strap locks of Ibanez iceman ICT 700, but the thing is, this one is much more affordable for me, and i can buy guitar and start modifying earlier. The thing is, will it have enough quality with ec-256, or may i wait approximately 1 year for iceman?

Edit: And, it ccost you 500-600 bucks, but for me, guitar + everything is 1200 bucks with ec 256, if i wait for iceman, 1500-1600 bucks. and dollar's value is very high
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