I was looking on the internet for common interview questions. I came upon one that was about finding the occurrences of certain characters in an array. The solution written right below it was in my opinion very elegant. But then another thought came to my mind that, this solution is way better than what came to my mind. So even though I know the solution (that most probably someone with a better IQ had provided) my IQ was still the same. So that means that even though i may know the answer, it still wasn't mine. hence if that question was asked and i was hired upon my answer to that question i couldn't reproduce that same elegance in my other ventures within the organization

My question is what do you guys think about such "borrowed intelligence"? Is it good? Do you feel that if solutions are found off the internet, it makes you think in that same more elegant way?
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lol you're asking the internet about asking the internet. Do you see your problem?
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it's fine if they are aqueous solutions, otherwise don't bother.
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lol you're asking the internet about asking the internet. Do you see your problem?

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i think "borrowing intelligence" can be a good way to learn and understand new things.

if you can understand what your borrowing, how its used, why it works, etc then that knowledge isn't just a memorized answer to a question.

for example, you can learn how to play a barred A minor chord, but if you look at the chord and understand what intervals your playing, you can build minor chords anywhere you want. once you understand how to build new chords with this borrowed information is it still borrowed?
The internet is a medium of information. Fee information, given by anyone. So a lot of it is stupid, but some of it is pretty good. So if you know how to research, the internet is awesome.
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Well, the internet isn't the problem. You'd have to get rid of radio, TV, books, and everyone you ever talk to who might know something.
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