This is what im talking about:

So i leaved the page, and i got a meaasge that said somethinh like "is your guitar career really dont worth 17 bucks?? Click yes or no.

Shortly afterwards i got a epost that said the same thing...

Is this practice generator thing any point of? What does it do? I need to pay 17 bucks every single month to have it...

Is he just trying to get my money, or does it really work? Is there any sheet i can fill in whith a pencil instead of using this program?

It's not worth it.... $17 a month for something that if you really put in the time and figure out what YOUR personal goals are, and work out a path to achieve them, you don't need to pay for this. Also, seek out a teacher to help you either A)Establish those goals (you should really do this yourself) B) Give you direction to achieve those.

The biggest benefit is learning to do this yourself.... you'll get better at doing it, and keep improving. Hope that helps!
Open Office --> New Data Sheet --> Fill in to your heart content --> fill the minutes you spent doing each individual drill. No money needed
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Typical pushy advertising techniques. and a crappy webpage filled with BS, meaningless graphics and quotes pulled out of thin air.

I don't doubt that he knows his stuff, but so do lots other people - your dick is not going to fall off just because you didn't give Tom Hess any money.
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Don't do it

Tom Hess is a great player and I learned alot from watching his masterclasses on youtube,
but you don't need to pay 17 bucks a mounth to get better
Listening to gary moore will teach you more about music than tom hess ever will
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your dick is not going to fall off just because you didn't give Tom Hess any money.

I was just reading an acticle about Poe's Law and had to doublecheck that the site wasnt a parody of overly pushy advertising.

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but you don't need to pay 17 bucks a mounth to get better

On the other hand, I used to pay 25 great british pounds for lessons. The money isnt the issue, its the fact that what he is selling seems to be just a program that helps you organise your schedule, and there are plenty ways to do that for free. It would be fairer if it was a one off payment perhaps.

If it helps a guitarist stay motivated and organised then thats good for him, but on his site he is presenting the program as if it is the only way to become organised and stay motivated - this is obviously the furthest thing from the truth.
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