I'm not sure where to put this, but does anyone know any good computer programs that has many archives of guitar (mainly bass) tabs that let's me play along with it? (sort of like the guitar version of Smart Music). I know that guitar pro has it, but it seems like I have to pay for each individual song. Thanks in advance.

PS. I'm a complete noob at guitar so I'd like some easy tutorial level sheet music or something that covers all difficulty ranges.
You don't have to pay for individual GP tabs, you download them for free
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Guitarpro is awesome man. $50. then there are a bunch of files here on UG for free download! search any song and you could see up to 10 GP tabs! well worth it!
I already have guitar pro 6 but it doesn't have any tabs in it right? Kinda lazy to dl tabs individually too so....is there anyway I can get a bunch of them at once?
download a bunch at once. if i wanna learn a song i search for it here on UG, download, then open. it's not that difficult or time consuming
Hm....but where can I get songs that are compatible with tablature players? If the ones on UG are, can anyone tell me how?
There was a thread (very old now, maybe a few years even) that had a zip of 50,000 GP files. I DL'd and has a good range of artists. I just did a quick search but cant seem to find it. My home CPU died, so cant get it for you, but you should look for it on here or someone else may have it.