Hello, and i've been looking to buy a guitar, I am full size, and looking to get a nice and cheap guitar near the 100$$ Mark, I don't need a pro guitar, just a simple one, that can be fun to play, and not complicated, and sounds good! I'm a beginner looking for a aucoustic guitar!

every guitar is fun! for that price your not going to get one that stays in tune for long. dont worry about what others may tell you about tone and brightness. they dont matter at your level, eventually yes. but your at the fun stage... well sorta, once your fingers stp hurting which they will and you get a few chords down. just about any of the beginner packs will work. fender makes a decent one. definitely spend another 15 bucks on a tuner too. good luck and remember have fun. the first coupla weeks are gonna be frustrating but it'ss feel amazing once you start making a little progress. any questions, don't hesitate to ask or even pm me. all o fus here started the same way... although some forgot that already. a 100 one will last you a little bit.... they tend to be more frustrating than helpful. just stick withit til you decide if you want to continue on( it's worth it) or try something else.
Hmmm... Try looking around some pawn shops! You can actually find some pretty decent guitars in those places cheap.
I want to suggest that you check out the new Xaviere acoustic guitars - they have several models under $200. I've played their electrics (still own a few) before and they provide huge bang for the buck. I just saw the acoustics have been added to their line of products recently and excited about checking them out. At least check out their site at www.guitarfetish.com.