I'm looking to spend no more than 850 (including shipping/tax if applicable) on an acoustic electric that'll last me for the next few years of home recording. I've never owned an acoustic guitar period barring the occasions where friends will lend me their axes when they go away so I'm in completely alien territory. I hear nothing but good things about Martin and Taylor but I feel like people are boxing me in with both of these companies so I was hoping you guys could enlighten me. I need a guitar that can do it all (anything from finger-picking Spanish, acoustic blues, country, to simple pop-punk power chords) and I'd prefer a bright, clear tone but something that still has character when just flat out strumming. I know this is extremely specific but I want my first purchase to be the last at least for a couple of years. So far the only models I've been recommended specifically are the Taylor 110CE, Martin DX series, and the Epiphone Masterbilt series.
One option is the Seagull Entourage Rustic CW QI.

About a month ago a gal I know, a beginning student, brought one over and I was quite impressed with it. Very nice balanced tone, quality was good, the Godin electronics (piezo pickup and preamp) were nice, playability was good.

It has a narrow neck, but if your used to electric guitars then it won't be a problem for you. My personal tastes run more towards a wider neck if I'm playing fingerstyle.

All in all, I thought it was alot of bang for the buck.
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the two i suggested here - one has a 1.8" nut, which i like, and the other has a 1.72" nut, better if you're used to electrics and like the more slender neck.


they're really nice sounding guitars, sound a bit better than the entourage models. versatile, as they have a nice sparkling top end but balanced with enough bass to fill out the bottom, as well.
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I own a Simon&Patrick guitar with solid flamed maple back and sides and solid spruce top.
for the things you want to do with it, this guitar is perfect in my opinion. nice clear and bright when fingerpicking, but also very good when strummed.

check them out great guitars!
other brands i would recommend:
Yamaha (CPX series)
My Gear:
Simon&Patrick Pro flame maple (so nice)
Epiphone SG-special (cherry red)
Richwood acoustic
Lany 30 Watt amp, not sure what exact model
A 2nd-hand Larrivee LV-03? Awesome woods, construction and tone, without the bling.