For all the flack that line 6 spider amps get, i had a pretty good experience today with mine. i picked it up as a practice amp a couple months back. my tube amp died a few weeks ago, so i was stuck using it at band practice today. its the 30watt 1-12" solid state model. Had plenty of volume (30w ss!) and totally decent sounds. Sure im not getting SRV overdrive out of it but for cleans and high gains it worked well and sounded pretty good at high volume. For the high gain stuff, it sounded way better than my DS-1 through tube amp setup. I'm not sure what my point is, but i see these amps slammed so often on here, i felt like reporting back that they can work well if you set the thing up right (for instance, dont dime the gain) - on the insane channel i had the gain at about 11oclock and got a nice creamy tone without too much fuzz. Hell, even the reviled crunch channel was useful for something like "bulls on parade" on the wah section

Not saying its going to compete with your Mesa Mark V or anything, but there's no need to "throw it out the window" as many suggest

end of rant....
No one has ever doubted them as decent practice amps, just that they're horrible for the price when you start buying the stacks.

Going to go ahead and close this before we get a bunch of people flaming eachother.
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