So, I've recently acquired a Schecter Hellraiser C-7, it is a 7 string guitar. One of the nicer looking and sounding 7 strings i've seen in my opinion.

I've got a bit of a problem, however.

It is hard to play, because it is hard to push the strings down, and hard to bend the strings.

I've put the smallest strings on it that Guitar Center had (.09-.54)
I've lowered the bridge as low as it can go, without the strings fretting out, and it is still hard to play.

It seems like the strings are still sitting high, but there is a ton of buzz on 8th fret and up from the 7th string. and if I lower just the side with the first 3-4 strings, they will buzz as well.

The guitar is quite new, so I don't think it would need a truss rod adjustment.

All harmonics are perfect as well.

Any thoughts on how i can get this baby to play better? It really, really hurts my hand haha.

Edit* Forgot to add. I Play in a form of drop B tuning. So, from 7-1 it is BF#BEG#C#F#
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Instead of just assuming what could or couldn't be wrong with the guitar, you should cover all of your bases. Since adjusting the bridge didn't fix the problem, do a neck relief measurement to see if the truss rod does need adjusting. You should also do a visual check from the headstock down to make sure the fretboard is straight and not twisted. By using an alternate tuning that includes strings that are higher than normal tuning, you're putting different tension on the neck, so it could certainly be the truss rod.
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Check the neck relief before anything else.
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I've had this issue in many different tunings with many different strings.

I just checked the neck and it looks like it may be slightly warped. Bending towards the back of the guitar.

The thing is, I'm no expert on checking the neck.
If i use a straightedge, all of the frets should be touching the straightedge equally, correct?
Okay, I'm convinced that it DOES need a truss rod adjustment.
I know that I'm supposed to do 1/4 turn at a time, and let it sit for ten minutes. Does anybody have any tips to not destroy my guitar?
The neck should have a slight amount of forward bow. fret the 7th string on the 1st and 15th fret, now use your thumb and tap the 7th fret you should feel a gap between the string and the fret top. If your neck is bowed backwards you wont have any gap, to fix this loosen the truss rod. Every time you change tunings and string gauge you should check the neck relief. once the neck relief is set properly, then adjust the bridge height.
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