Across Oceans is back after some down time.
"Exclusion" is our second song by Harlot Hero and A Problem Like Maria.


Across Oceans is an online project. Maria (Metro Manila, Philippines) and I (San Diego, California). Maria wrote all vocal-work, and I wrote all instrumental-work.
This is freshly finished. Any and all feedback/criticism would help out a ton.
Critique for critique as always!

Thank you for taking the time to listen to our music.

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lovely, calming guitar that fits perfectly with the singing in my opinion- the recording and tone were perfect for both. no issues with timing or playing either, and the composition is awesome, although i reckon it gets a bit repetitive after a while, so maybe bringing in some kind of ambient synth or something behind the guitar or mix up the vocals a little in the middle before going back to the usually verses.

the overall vibe is really good though, and i reckon this song has a lot of potential if accompanied by gigging and whatnot. anyways, i checked out and liked your facebook page- nice taste in music i have to say everything from john butler trio to protest the hero i never even knew john butler trio were well known outside Australia haha.

anyways good luck with everything, and good job with the song

Nice song, definitely hard to find any thing to criticise. I always like this sort of laid back acoustic music - I used to play in an acoustic duo with a female vocalist myself.

I'd be interested to hear a version with some extra instrumentation, although it would have to be pretty subtle, possibly some strings & percussion (but probably not drums).

I also listened to the other song (Vacilate) and liked it too, I thought it worked well where you had two acoustic guitars playing, but I thought the electric guitar which came in at around 2.20ish took away from the overall ambience of the song. If you played something similar on an acoustic it would be much better.

Thanks for the comments on my thread
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Very nice, has a nice exotic feel to it. Although it seems to lack any real low end. Not that this song needs a boomy low end, just something to carry it throughout. Vocals are very nice, harmonies sound good and the flow is excellent. Lyrics are good as well, I like the syllable phrasing too.

Vocals could use a touch more reverb, nothing too much. I agree with the comment above about some ambient soundscapes could spice the song up.

Really though, I love this song - it might need some filler work but overall this is probably one of the better songs I have ever heard uploaded. I honestly think this is fantastic, great job.

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I know a number of Philipinos, and I never would have guessed she's from the Philipines (because of the vocal style & accent). She sings very well: reminds me somewhat of Gwen Stephani, (this is a compliment). She even has the American accent down. Very good guitar. Nice audio quality & song writing. Very nice overall!! Nice to see you have a good collaboration happening! Keep it going! Please review my music at this link:

Pretty cool stuff. Nice laid back acoustic works well with the vocals. Not too bad quality either. Overall its pretty good, keep writing more music . And thanks for the crit
Thanks for the crit on my song!

The acoustic guitars sound really nice and so do both of the voices. Her voice sounds pretty similar to Paramore's singer, which I like a lot. Like a few said above, definitely hard to find anything to criticize.

The only two things I really have to pick at are:
1. The breaks at 3:31 I don't really like, I feel like it ruins the flow of the song.
2. The harmony created between the females voice and the guitar sounds weird, for example at 1:36.

Other than that, nice job! Sounds great.