Hi Guys/Gals,

I am looking at starting to throw some money together in the future to get an amp that would be good for texas blues/electric blues. I currently have an all valve amp (Bugera V22) but would like to get a closer tone to say Stevie Ray Vaughan. I understand that he used Vibro Verb's and Super Verb's.

Just wondering what current Fender amp would be best suited. My budget is looking at around 1000 AUD and I am happy to go second hand. I am also happy to wait for the right opportunity so no rush. I have been to Fenders Australian site and couldn't see any re-issues of the Vibro Verb or Super Verbs so I was wondering what people here would recommend.

I am currently interested in the Bassman Model and Blues Deluxe Re-Issue but I am not too sure. If anyone has any suggestions or even other brands of amps that would be well suited to that style then shoot away.
It's not the most "authentic" solution, but I think the Deluxe Reverb's tone is pretty similar. Most of the blackface Fender designs are very similar.
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Money beats soul...every time.

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i agree with above- if you want SRV tone help look at gr8bluesguitar (stevie snacks) on youtube- that guys got it too a tee, and he also does some amp reviews
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Thanks for the suggestions and tips guys I am going to check out the Deluxe Reverb. I figured that the Bassman would be a little too bassy as it was originally designed as a Bass amp and wasn't sure about the Blues Deluxe. Thanks Richastro I will check out gr8bluesguitar!