I need to move some gear as I was in a car accident nov 14th, and lost 2 weeks pay. On top of that, since my car was totaled I had to go out and get another car so now I have a car payment(which I wouldn't have had since my car was paid off and only had 39,000 miles on it) but such is life. I am greatful I walked away from it! On to the specs:

Up for sale is a Flame Maple Warmoth custom strat. It has a 3A-5A SOLID Flame maple body and finished in a transparent blue finish which is glossy. It has a 3A-5A birdseye/flame maple neck/maple fretboard finished in gloss finish as well. The neck is boat shaped so its on the chunky side. The hardware is all gold with the trem being a genuine fender 2 point trem, genuine fender gold roller nut, and gold Sperzel tuners. This is one of my fave stratocasters but being that I have too many guitars and need to make some cash I am listing this one up first. I am not in a hurry to move this one as it is one of my fave guitars but I am listing this one up for sale at $4000 shipped but open to offers as well. I wasn't sure how to price this one as Warmoth doesn't offer a solid flame maple body anymore....or not that I saw anyway.

As for pics....I will have that added later on today.

Happy Thanksgiving all!!! =)
Healthcare and insurance .. ?
Or is that a very european thing for me to wonder about?
Please let me keep this memory, just this one ..
Quote by Samhuinn
Healthcare and insurance .. ?
Or is that a very european thing for me to wonder about?

Healthcare here in the states sucks! I am also a part time worker looking for a full time position while going to school......but till I get a full time job, I am at the mercy of no health insurance till I land a good job.
Forgot to put last night, I am also taking offers for just the neck if anyone is interested in it