Hey guys, I decided to move all of my recording software and equipment onto my laptop. And I had to basically start all over with my guitar tones (although they sound extremely similar... Anyways I made this riff test, its about a minute long but it gives the idea. So post some feedback and what not, and I will gladly C4C.

wow you just earned a follower
as soon as the song started in began to nod my head subconsciously- so groooooooovy
i was sad when it ended though- too short the playing is nice and tight and the drum looping/programming fits perfectly in my opinion. i reckon you should really develop these ideas into a song.

nothing to criticise really- everything was pretty spot on. even the tone and recording were perfect for this song.
c4c ? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=28574818#post28574818
Haha the breakdown at 0:22 is really catchy! :P You really need to make this a full song! Are you in drop c? I really like the odd riff part around 0:35 too, nice flow dude!
I'll be really happy if you leaved a comment on about my instrumental prog rock/metal song at this page: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1497974
sup JDawg. I like it, especially the breakdown and :22 and the following riff right after it.. You have solid riffs here and could, and should, form something out of it. Nice tone too, awesome that you could find yourself a good one after having to start over. I don't enjoy this idea as much as Illogicality, but still it's pretty tight.

C4C my also unfinished song idea?
God, all your songs are awesome on here. Amazing mixing. I love all the guitar tones as well! Big fan of your shit man. keep it up.