So I'm looking at using a smaller cab (1x10 or 1x12) for my Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier 50 for home use or practice so I don't have to lug a giant amp when I really don't need it. BUT, there are so many different cabs listed on Mesa's website and NONE of them really have descriptions on the differences. I've done quite a bit of research on them but can't really find much info. From what I can find, the Thiele gives more of a "modern" and low-end sound (I play mostly punk and rock), so this might do...but I want to learn about others first.
Or, if anyone happens to know any particular characteristics of them (like open backs sound a certain way).

Here are the different kinds of amps they make...any help would be greatly appreciated!

-Compact Series
1x10 Open Back, 1x12 Widebody, 1x12 Widebody Closed Back, 1x12 Thiele
- Express Series
1x10 Express, 1x12 Express 19, 1x12 Express 23,
- 1x12 3/4 Open Back Series
you're going to want a closed back cab. and some of their cabs come with vintage 30s while some come with c90s. i guess it's a matter of opinion, but the vintage 30 is a solid speaker and i think it will do what you want. so figure out which one is closed back and has a vintage 30 speaker in it.

also, i would check out avatar cabs. since it will only be for home use, i would think it would be a good idea to save some money. www.avatarspeakers.com
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You mean different kind of cabs they make?

Open back will sound fuller and looser, closed back will sound tighter and bassier.

A 10 inch speaker in one of the 1x10s probably won't have a whole lot of balls behind it.

IMO, I would get a 1x12 widebody closed back, but I play teh br00tz
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A Thiele would be kickass for home use!

I can 2nd the Avatar idea. Found a 4x12 for $100 and if its anything, solidly build.

I don't know if I would like V30s with say a JCM or XXX etc.
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What do you think of using an Orange PPC Series PPC112 60W 1x12? It looks like it's a closed back, V30, and it would be quite a bit cheaper. Any idea if an Orange would be good with a Mesa head?
Any 112 other than a ported design will be pretty lame and boxy. Go with the Thiele, or a CAA 112 or a Bogner 112.
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So basically an open back cab will sound more airy and open. Generally they work really well for cleans and mild overdrive sounds, but they can be a little loose on the bottom.

Closed backs generally have a lot more of a focused sound, especially on the bottom end. The cleans won't be quite as good, but your overdriven tones will pack a lot more punch. Widebody cabs tend to sound a little bit scooped and slightly looser than their normal sized cousins.

3/4 cab essentially attempts to give you the best of both worlds. You basically get some of the loose airy sound that you get from an open back with some of low end punch that you'd get with a closed back.

Thiele is pure win though. It really is the obvious choice if you're going for a 1x12. If you want a 2x12 I'd recommend either a 3/4 or probably a Stiletto 2x12. (It's smaller than a recto cab, so tighter and more focused)

Also if you want to hear the difference between the v30 and the c90 speaker you can go here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lJYmOKC4h0
The 3/4 open cabs are awesome. I have the 2x12. Really solid all around type cabs.

They are discontinued though, so you'd have to go used.