Hey wrote this tune thinking about serial killers - a bit depressing I know but sometimes songs just come to me like that. New at recording and mixing so comments and critcism would be appreciated.C4C


Layed down with:

M-Audio Ultra 8 R
Cubase SX
Washburn D10
Ibanez AJD71 - unplugged
Gretsch Projet
Marshall AVT50
Do I hear a Fruity Loops piano?
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I want to buy a 7 string guitar, and tune it to Cabbage.

That was on topic, I swear.
? no piano on song - only guitars - unless you refering to my menatl state being fruity loops? hehe - but no on both accounts
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Quote by wizards?
I want to buy a 7 string guitar, and tune it to Cabbage.

That was on topic, I swear.
nice mellow intro and good guitar playing in terms of timing and sound. cool tone on the guitar too, not overpowering at all but still distinguishable and clear.
the vocals are a bit strange- they kinda remind me of pink floyd and their trippy progginess, which is nice and original.
there are some minor timing issues that you could fix up, such as at approx 2:30.
also, try and use some more variation so the song doesn't become too repetitive. the end riff sounded nice and was well played as well.

overall- good job

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First thing that really got me is the amount of processing on the vocal in comparison to the acoustic guitar... I don't know whats up with that, and the amount of drive and reverb on the vocals makes them incomprehensible. Maybe back off a bit on the saturations and add in a chorus or phased sound on an aux bus? These whispered parts could use a bit of the reverb that the main vocal is getting, I feel like they just sort of pop in and go away.

The acoustic tone is incredibly good, by the way. I'm not super-thumbs-up with the electric tone, especially because its forced into the background a bit with the vocal.

Overall, I feel that if you dial back the delay/verb on the vocal and maybe make them pan and swirl around as opposed to just obscuring them you'd have a pretty solid song.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=28597496#post28597496
Wow thanks for the great advice - I agree I'm not too happy with the vocals for a number of reasons the main one being that I cant actually sing too well and that is why I'm trying to cover it up with effects I suppose .

Another reason is I'm a total newbie to mixing so I'll definatly try some of the tweaks suggested. But thanks loads for the constructive critcism much apreaciated.