Hi guys. We started our band a year ago and just recorderd our first 3-song demo. (genre: melodic rock) This is the first mix of the songs but we are going to adjust a couple of things in the second mix. (like the bass volume etc...)

Any feedback regarding the songs, mix and production would be welcome.

Check the 3 songs here:
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i listeneed to the fifst one. This was a lot better than i was expecting. sorry im drunk. luickly my ears dont get drunk.

vocals need to come up a fair bit, prbabky 2-4db, espially on the verses

the mix is also heavy to the right side. ride/crash riding on the right side, back vox on the right side etc. try to vary it up a bit. hi hat sounds too centered, put it furhter left and you're golden
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Sounds really good but you need to mix down the guitar abit and mix up the vocals alot..

Reminds me of Bruce Springsteen with more attack on the guitars in some way.
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Very nice job!
There are few things to correct and everything will be perfect!
One of those are that the singer loses the tuning during the first attack of the second song, but the rest of the song is good!
Listening to the first song:

That intro is pretty long to be hard-panned to the right, maybe move it so its a little bit more centered, then pan it back once the extra guitar gets in? It makes me feel a bit uneven that its ALL THE WAY over there, especially since its the only thing that isn't basically mono. The singer has a pretty good tone, he's a bit pitchy in the beginning there, but it passes. Wouldn't hurt him to get into the song a little bit more, he sounds like he's a bit reserved.

Drummer is solid, vocals are clear... Nice concurrent guitar parts, both of em are interesting... But the bassist is only playing roots? Meh, who am I to criticize him for it, he's on rhythm which is all you really need.

On to the second:

This one is better in terms of the stereo image for me, that intro guitar isn't all the way over, and the solo intro part is shorter. Cool beginning, cool transition to the main song... Maybe wait on those octave vocals till a later verse? Kinda like going full-bore right out of the gate, let things bloom a bit, man. Drummer is solid again, singer is WAY more into things this time around, and I'd rather have this where he's totally into it but a bit pitchy than being perfect and disinterested any day. Solid, solid song... Some timing issues around 2.22 between the guitars and drums, but they clear up pretty quickly.

Numero Tres:

Good, this one enters with everyone. I was getting afraid that you'd have that solo intro thing across the board, but I like it when I'm proven wrong. Singer is a bit more laid back to begin with, but he gets back into it... AH, there's the solo part. The guitar tone here with the 'lead' part is a bit rough, and I really don't like these unison bends. Cool harmonies, could afford to pump them up a little bit more, but not much, maybe by .2dB max. Little more space would be nice in the right ear with these concurrent guitar parts, a little more articulated during the verse, especially with what is going on in the right ear.


Great work, some pretty solid songs. With the exception of a few small things they're ready to go. It feels a bit hard-line to the modern rock genres, and I hope you guys push the envelope a bit in the future; you've got a solid base to work from, so try it.

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