Hey guys, I'm about to purchase some gear coming up to Christmas.

I'm about to buy this guitar:

Kramer Striker Custom 211 (hopefully in transpurple!)

I've been around and looked at pickups and I'm really being pulled in by Dimarzio Evolution pickups:


Now, I'm new to this. This is the first time I'm going to buy pickups and the main reason is because I saw a guy do a cover of Im Alright by Neil Zaza and his tone was sex, I checked out some other people and it's beautiful.

However, I can see one of the pickups fitting but will the other? It looks like 2 single coils in there. So, what do I do?

Sorry for being a total noob but I really need the help lol.

Also, any thoughts on the geetar and pickups? TYYYYYY <3
You can pop the bridge pickup in with no problem. The neck will not take a humbucker without routing out a larger cavity for it. That wouldn't look right because it isn't space to have a humbucker there. You'd be very close to the middle pickup if you routed out the body for a neck humbucker. Dimarzio makes some single coil sized humbuckers but I don't believe there is an Evolution model that comes in a single coil size.