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Does anyone here know anything about how the audition process works for applying for a Bachelor of Music in Australia? Specifically New South Wales, if that makes a difference. I'm sure information from any country would be helpful, but I'm doing it in Australia.

Specifically, I want to find out if you need to play a classical instrument, or if you can use something electric, and following that, do they have to be classical pieces that you audition with? The information I've found indicates that the pieces need to be of a combined duration of 10-15 minutes, of two contrasting genres, so considering the length I assumed it would need to be something like that.

Thanks in advance!
Show up with a Squier and play Smells like Teen Spirit 4x

edit: They'll probably give you a Masters
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show up with a Squier and play Smells like Teen Spirit 4x

Do Not!!!! Lol

Check with the University. Here in Canada, most universities are classical but some are also contemporary.
I am studying Guitar at Carleton University where you can do classical, jazz, or even pop and rock (metal too).
But if it is strictly a classical guitar program, then i'd have to suggest maybe Bach's prelude in C or bouree in E minor as one classical one then maybe Paul Gilbert's Flamingo (not a typo) as it is a flamenco piece and they might be good contrasts.

Hope this helps!
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