alright so i want to get a jackson dk2, one particular has a maple fretboard that i think looks sexy! ive never owned one so im wondering whats the difference if any between that and the rosewood? theres a finish on the maple right, does it wear off? is there any sound difference? any info/experience would be great.
I personally own both. I prefer rosewood AT THE MOMENT. I used to like maple more because it has brighter sound, but nothing big here. Just a lil. My maple one had a finish but it has wore off now and it feels actually better now than when it was new. I'm not sure if all maple fretboards has those kind of finish on them.

I'd suggest you go with the one you think looks better to you, nothing big difference here. Have a nice day.
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Rosewood hides dirt.

Not actually! Mine has some dirt on it but you can't see it clearly unless you watch it from right position
Maple = Brighter (depends on what your playing really) Rose wood builds up dirt on it after time and the finish on maple wears off. Just go for what looks better to you. The good thing about rose wood is that you can clean it and with maple it needs to be refinished... unles you like that look.
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Maple is by far the best. looks beautiful and feels beautiful. Rosewood look average and feels ok.
maple definitely has a bright and almost snappy response, in my opinion, while rosewood is a warm and mellow tone that I personally prefer.
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i have both. i think you have a better grip with rosewood but the maple feels a little faster. as for finish it depends. some have a lacquer finish and can feel slippery others have a satin finish which has a more wood feel to it. personally i hate a slippery feel so i go fro satin finish on a maple board.
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Rosewood hides dirt.


and that is why Leo originally put rosewood on boards. the maple ones got dirty and looked like crap to him.

TS - maple feels smoother than rosewood, that's the biggest difference imo.
Personally, I find the difference between negligible since an EQ pedal goes a long way for tailoring your tone, and the feel is something you can get used to. It's cool to have a preference for your own reasons though. I prefer the look of maple with inlays over rosewood, so if I had a choice, I'd pick maple.
How you care for your fretboard will make more difference than what it is made of.
The tone difference is fairly minor - after all the fretboard is a thin piece of wood compared with the rest of the guitar. I don't really notice a difference in feel playing on one or the other either.

I prefer maple because of the looks. I just love a maple board with black inlays, particularly like on my Jackson DK2M - a maple board with black binding and black sharkfins. It loks fantastic.
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I prefer maple because of the looks. I just love a maple board with black inlays, particularly like on my Jackson DK2M - a maple board with black binding and black sharkfins. It loks fantastic.

anotherwords, it look sexy! thats what i think too. thanks for all your replies. peace.
it's mostly based on your preference. Myself, I like ebony and rosewood because they have the best de-humidification control in most factories.
As everyone has said.. maple is brighter and rosewood is warmer. I personally love the look of maple but it is so hard to keep clean...
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I don't like the ultra smooth feel of maple and on strats the snappy brightness is a bit too much for me; I prefer a good warm tone. The only issue I have is that combined with a white body (my favourite strat finish) I reckon the rosewood clashes with it a bit.

Out of curiosity does that old, worn maple look actually feel nasty to play, or does it just look rank?
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