i love the look of semi acoustic bass guitars, but dont currently own one.
Im just wondering which one out of the epiphone zenith, epiphone jack casady or the hagstrom viking is best quality and worth the money.

I know each work better for different styles of music but im just wondering for a future purchase

thank you
The Hagstrom would win hands down, were it not for its short scale (30.75"). If you are going to play strictly amplified acoustic/electric bass, go for the Epiphone Zenith.
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hmm the hagstrom seems to keep in my favour, since i know it can play the heavier rock better :/ any issues with it beign short scale though ?
You may have intonation issues, and it probably won't sound as deep and heavy as a 34" scale bass. But Hagstrom makes very underrated stuff, so the quality should be there. The Epiphones aren't for heavy stuff by any means. You might want to go with a Zenith for the light stuff and a solidbody bass for the traditional hard rock.
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley
is there any other semi-acoustic bass makes you would recommend, as i see hutchins and eastwood bass guitars often too whilst looking around