okay little back story on my band me and my drummer left this one group cause the singer dropped out for family reasons and the other guitarist was a complete control freak. My drummer and I jammed for a week or so by ourselves until we got a call from our current bassist who lived around the corner and heard us jamming. We all have known each other for years and for the first 6 or 7 months things went awesome we were busting out new songs left and right. we almost won a battle of the bands 3 months into being a band (got beat out by a cover band, but they were ****ing awesome so i understand lol) a few months later we got picked up by a small record label which isnt a big deal the only perk we get from them really is booking and free merch. were the problem comes in is my bassist/singer is who wrote most of the music up until then got a "i got us signed single handed" kinda ego trip. ever since this my bassist has become more and more of a complete dick. for example he basically is a pre madonna he road all the way home the other night which cut a good half hour off of practice because he needed his red strap to play with his red p bass even though he had another strap right there with him. he refuses to broaden his playing at all and thinks he's gods gift to music. dude kinda pouts when we work on something other than his music and just doesnt even really try to play the songs unless its his. this dude is my friend and so is the drummer but band practice hasnt been fun or productive for a while now. I dont want to quit but another band has requested i join up with them and i jammed with them the other night and it was awesome. i guess what im trying to ask is what would you guys do in this situation?
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he basically is a pre madonna

So he's been around since before "Like A Virgin"? Wasn't that released in 1983? Sounds like this guy is a little too old for you. That could be your problem right there.
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Just as a heads up, the term you're looking for is "prima donna".
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Don't argue with my new deity.
drummer kinda feels the same way but doesnt really try to help the situation. and ive tried to have a talk about this multiple times and just get the same story over and over again. "okay dude i'll chill out and come to practice"
Well like what I would do is try talking to him and when he says it again and if he gives you the same bs just sort of like go off on him like something along the lines of "You always say that things really need to change now or .." idk how much you want to go into it but thats what I personally have had to do before. It wokred for me but I don't know how he would react to that. Just my 2 cents.
Your going to have to sit down and talk to him, that's really the only way. Call up a band meeting, remember the band involves all you guys not just one, I had a similar problem with my bass player, we have been good friends and jammed together since junior high but he wasn't progressing any and was just ****ing around. We all talked to him hoping it would kick his ass in gear but unfortunately in the end we had to fire him. And in the end it was a great decision, our band has jumped forward since our new bassist joined the mix. It takes a lot of effort starting up new bands every time one of your musicians is a dick. Take control of the situation, fix it. I'm sure you can find another bassist who would be more than happy to join in on your rocking band \m/
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Talk to him but make sure you talk to him as a group with the rest of the band.
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Talk to him but make sure you talk to him as a group with the rest of the band.

Yep.... Band Meeting time... and kick his ass out...
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Hell I'm not reading that.. You probably just need a new amp, man.
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Well you obviously need to talk to your band about this, not us. Talk to him, tell him to get his head out his ass, if he kicks up, have a majority vote and kick the little bitch out.
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