I have a very nice American Strat, American Jazz bass, but unfortunately my acoustic guitar is a cheap Ibanez bottom of the line Artwood. Guitar center is having some really good deals for black friday and I was looking at the Martin 16gt or the Martin 16rgt and the Martin 15m. I am looking for a good quality wood guitar that will last a while. I know Martins are good quality acoustics and my price range is about 800-1300. The music I like to play on acoustic ranges from Oasis, Foo Fighters, Weezer, Nirvana (basically the 90's alternative type). Would you recommend any of these guitars or is there any amazing buys on any of the guitars for tomorrow at guitar center you recommend?
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Hey there, nice musical choice I suggest you go try the guitars yourself to see how they fit in your hands. You can also check some reviews on youtube.

I was in Fredericksburg, Va for the Thanskgiving holiday and had a 20% off
coupon for Guitar Center (off a single item). I had played a cheapie 12
string by Mitchell a month or so ago in Albany ny, and thought for $199, it
played exceptional - could not simply believe how well it was set up and
sounded for the $.
So there I was in line when GC in Fred'burg opened, and filled out a card
for a free drawing of the Led Zep complete CD collection. Well, they had
the same Mitchell - it played great, sounded great, so I kept thinking it
over when they announced some Fed'burger won the CD set. I kept thinking on
the guitar... playing it.. and then they announced the winner needs to come
to the desk, or they'd pick another winner. I kept playing the guitar,
whether a Shure 87a might be better for me ... this Mitchell was marked $174
for some reason... it was new... and then they called the next winner... ME!
Ha! So I bought the Mitchell 12 string for $140 (after the 20% off), plus a
hardshell case they had specially marked down that day for $60.... and I
also walked out with the complete CD collection of Led Zep.
Just goes to show ya ..... sometimes it pays to agonize over a decision....
it paid off this time at least :-)