unfortunately i'm at work so i can't listen right now, but i just wanted to say this is in the wrong forum. should be posted under Recordings> Tabs.

I'll definitely look into the song though on my lunch break
Acoustic intro is quite nice. I presume the vocals will come in at bar 12, should sound good. How good exacatly depends on what melodies you come with of course. The lead guitars coming in at bar 38 present a welcome change of texture. The heavy bit at bar 45 was a bit random (and wouldn't make more sense to write it as 3/4 rather than 12/16?). Sounds decent when they come in again at bar 56, and nice when it goes to acoustic again after that. The ending isn't so great, it just kinda stops. I agree you should probably extend a bit and come up with some vocal lines and you'll have something very good, because I certainly like what you have so far.