Hi Guys,

I need some help setting up a sweet stereo system. I've recently inherited two Duntech Princess Classic speakers. These things are massive:


I'd like this system two purposes:

One, music is my life. I love a variety of genres and I want a system that captures crisp lows, mids, and high's.

Two, for parties. I still live with my roommates from college and we host some kick ass parties. Previously, I had bought two passive mid-size pioneer speakers that had a 12" sub in each. I powered them from a home theater system and definitely pushed them way too hard and now their shot, along with the receiver. For the purpose of parties, I want to purchase a decent size subwoofer b/c the duntech's only have 9" subs.

I don't know much about equipment and I'm pretty sure the duntech's are worth a decent amount of money. I've inherited them from my Grandfather so I want to set them up properly and not blow them.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a setup? What exactly do I need to not blow them? An amplifier?

P.S. Despite my lack of equipment knowledge, I'm an avid guitar player. I have a 120 watt crate amp that has two 12" subs. It has an external speaker port, so maybe i can use it as my system subs? Or am I better off with a bigger 15" inch sub powered from some type of amp? I would try to set all this up some way for my guitar to hook into it as well, but honestly, the 120 watt crate absolutely cranks and I have roommates, so anything more for guitar, is a bit unnecessary for me.

All suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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P.S. Despite my lack of equipment knowledge, I'm an avid guitar player. I have a 120 watt crate amp that has two 12" subs

If it's a guitar Amp, it doesn't have "subs" it has speakers that are designed for guitar amplifiers.

Perhaps google "Sub Woofer" and you'll start to get an understanding of what your talking about.
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Yea, I've been playing the guitar for 6 years. I would definetely be open to setting it up for guitar and stereo if possible. I just never had enough money to buy nice equipment so I never really researched it.

Papabear, that makes sense. I thought those were subs bc their fairly large. Obviously the cant be bc they play the mids and highs too.
i plugged my Blackstar into my buddy's stereo system before using the emulated output on it
sounded okay but he had really cheap beat up speakers from a thirft store so there was some MAD feedback happening ( we also had to use a 1/4 adapter which i'm guessing didn't help with the noise issue either)
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You'll need a similarly rated domestic hifi amp for these. These are not party speakers. They're hifi speakers and should sound very good with a nice amp for loud home use. If you want a party system to thump out bass and annoy the neighbourhood, you need to buy some PA cabs which are more rugged. Sorry, you learned this with your last speakers and will end up doing the same with these.
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