well, I would like to record covers and demos, but I just don't know how, is it possible to connect the guitar directly to a computer? or using an amp? or that reduces audio quality?
You can buy an audio interface and plug the guitar into the computer yes. And/or you could buy a condenser mic and mic your amp to record. You will also need a recording program. I personally use audacity because it is free but there are a lot of different options.
so, adapters and things such as a Behringer link and amp simulators won't work? my bugdet is low, any recommendation for the audio interface?
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so, adapters and things such as a Behringer link and amp simulators won't work? my bugdet is low, any recommendation for the audio interface?

Wouldn't recommend going directly in due to stories about blown mic ports. (If you are running a desktop probably the best one to go into would be "Line In") I've tried it and my ports are just fine, but it was mad noisy when I went to play my guitar so I practically had to drown it with noise gates before it sounded clear.

From what I heard about the behringer link cable, it's a hit or miss type of deal. For just doing demos and covers it will suffice for the moment being. Now if you are looking for quality, well that depends on your budget. I picked up a lexicon alpha for around $89 a few years ago and it's giving me pretty good results. (The cost of it has lowered alot) or you could go for the Line 6 POD Studio interface which typically comes with an ampsim. (POD FARM) but I don't know an average on how much they would cost. And because I know someone is bound to rage if I don't say this, M-Audio produces good results as well.

So all in all, if money does not come your way often, I would get the behringer link cable. (The white interface, if we are on the same page) opposed to the risk of a blown mic port.
But if money does
Just save a little more until you can get some quality equipment.
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Then I think I will buy the Behringer link, just wondering, with that link it would be really bad quality?, or it does the job?
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no...first you'll probably damaged your computer (i'm not sure I don't know alot about computer) but the audio quality will be mediocre!!!
Sorry dude, but if you don't know a lot about something, don't say anything! That's completely false, and very bad advice.

Has your computer got a line in port (NOT Mic In)? If so, you can plug your guitar straight in with a little adapter (probably around $1 from a hardware store) and use Amplitube FREE to get going with minimal expense.

If you find the line in port makes too much noise, then you can get yourself an audio interface without having lost any money. I've found line in ports to be more than acceptable for casual recording.
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