I realize these kind of threads are going to start clogging up 'round the holidays, but I created a thread a while back and didn't get super helpful replies.

I'm looking for fairly versatile combo amp (preferably tube) --
my budget is approx. 400 USD tops, just looking for a good practice/smallish jam amp.

I want an amp that can get

Sweet cleans
Jazz, e.g. Joe Pass
Animals as Leaders
Post-rock, e.g. Mooncake, Collapse Under the Empire

As well as the ability to do heavy distortion

So I kind of want to be able to do heavy distort type stuff but probably more importantly, cleans. Preferably a combo amp, as well.

I want to be able to get it new

I live near Portland, OR, if that helps.

Currently I own an Ibanez GIO series (my 6 stringer) and a Schecter Omen 8 (eight stringer) that I mostly run through a Roland Microcube.

Anyways, thanks in advance if you have any help to give!
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Maybe have a look at the Vox VT range. Not proper valve amps really, but they sound decent and they're pretty damn versatile
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If you are jamming with a drummer you need as big an amp as you do for gigging. With that budget you could do a lot worse than a Peavey Vyper Tube 60.
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Vypyr Tube. No other amp out there can touch it when it comes to versatility or sound quality in that price range.
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Tech 21 amps seem pretty cool for getting a wide range of tones. They're modeling amps, but analog, not digital. Essentially this means they get the tones by emulating the sound via the circuit instead of a processor. The trademark 30 is around 300 bones new. I was fairly impressed by the sound when I tried it out in a music store.

edit: also, it has an active eq and accutronics spring reverb. If you decide you like the tone but need more volume, they make a 60w power amp combo that you can daisy chain to it.

No I don't work for them, I just think they're a cool approach to modeling and I'd probably get one if I was in the market for an amp.
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Egnaters are awesome! Great cleans, responsive usable overdrives, built to last, usually have a cool unusual feature. Great idea!