This is my first post on these forums, so please go easy on me if I do something wrong. I know most forums have their own set of unwritten rules to abide by.

anyway, as a bassist, it is only natural for me to want to further my knowledge and continue down a career path involving music, so I am applying to Lakehead University and York University for double bass and electric bass. My only problem is that I need 2 audition pieces that contrast and are classical. However, I have been having a difficult time finding songs to play. I wish I could find a list of potential songs that I could learn, or a book full of music for me to learn. I don't think the grade levels are the same, or if there are even grades, in other countries (I live in Canada, by the way), but I need at least a grade 8 level piece or higher to play. Even if someone could point me in the direction of some youtube channels with bassists that have arrangements of classical songs, pieces or movements from sonatas, or anything on bass (electric or double bass), would be helpful. I am a fan of this: http://youtu.be/wCTI2HJbBzk , and anything along those lines would be an immense help. Thank you.
Buy a book called Solos for the Double Bass Player by Oscar G. Zimmerman. It's got 17 solo pieces (or arrangements) for double bass with piano accompaniment. Some of the solos are quite hard, but there are a few that should be accessible (I did the Beethoven Sonatina). You'll probably have to know all the solos out of there over the course of your studies anyways.

For electric, the cello suites always work really well, but I recommend doing any movement OTHER THAN the Prelude from the Suite in G.
If you're applying to Lakehead, it won't be too hard. I'm friends with the bass teacher there, Martin Blanchett. Contact him if you want more constructive info, and to take a few lessons with him before hand (if you're in Tbay). PM me for his email if you want it.

Also, a second on the Zimmerman book - I'm doing a recital soon completely from that book.
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Capuzzi concerto is standard college audition material

Take lessons with the teachers