Recorded this recently, turned out fairly well considering everything was done in a couple hours. My buddy is the one singing on this, i played guitars. It's based more on Shinedown's cover of the song, although we added drums and bass to our version. Any opinions or criticism is encouraged, check it out !

No guitar solo on a Lynyrd Skynyrd track? Blasphemy!
Nice cover, keep it up.
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amazing vocals are great and just the whole thing is good if anyone says different they f***ed up
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No guitar solo on a Lynyrd Skynyrd track? Blasphemy!
Nice cover, keep it up.

lol yeah i always listened to the Shinedown version and there's no solo on that so we decided not to add one.

Thanks for the compliments guys!
Kinda makes me think this is what Simple Man would sound like if a chilled out Neil Young sang it.

Not necessarily a bad thing though, haha. Its a good cover. I liked the lead during the intro.

I find this is almost like a middle ground for Simple Man. You got the soft acoustic Shinedown version, then theres your version which has drums and bass but still soft and then you have the kick ass heavy Lynyrd Skynyrd orig with electric guitar solos and such.
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i never thought of that a middle ground between skynyrds version and shinedowns but it is true. thanks for taking the time to reply, anyone else have any thoughts on the cover ?