I'm trying to program drums for a song, and I'm trying to get them to sound as realistic as possible (different hi-hat sound as the velocity goes up for example)but I''m what to do/use. I downloaded a kit that had those kind of samples in it but it contained (http://www.orangetreesamples.com/blog/2009/10/free-jazz-funk-drum-sample-library/) which contained a .NK1 file which i guess i can't load without Kontact player or something. My DAW is Reaper, and I'm only able to use free plugins/samples.
i also have the drum only midi file (i took it from a guitar pro/tuxguitar file),l how can i just drag it onto the daw and have the daw play it
Kontakt Player is free: http://www.native-instruments.com/#/en/products/producer/kontakt-player/

In Reaper, just import the MIDI and then on that track load up Kontakt Player and then load that specific library into Kontakt.

Based on what I hear on the demo of those samples it sounds like everything was multisampled so all you really need to do is work on humanization with velocity and timing. If you're programming jazz parts you'll need to be very aware of the setting a groove that you can pocket the bass with; in the past when I've done parts like that I like to use my MIDI controller and just jam along with the bassist/guitarist and use no quantization.
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