Hi! I was wondering if anyone has played the new Jackson SLXQ Soloist X Series. I just want to here some reviews on it! Thanks!!
I haven't played one, but quite a few Jackson fans have gotten their hands on the new X series models. The general consensus is that they're pretty good for the price - especially as a modding platform.

Perhaps a little fretwork, maybe new tuners and new pickups and you've got a really nice neckthrough Jackson for cheaper than ever before.

Though it's worth bearing in mind that most of the people saying these things are used to playing USA Jacksons, so they're naturally going to want to upgrade pickups and stuff. To somebody who isn't so used to the high end stuff they might come across as quite nice in their stock setup.
I haven't played one but quite a few people who have played them have only had good things to say about them especially for the price.
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