The title pretty much says it all I can spend 250 to 300 looking at a Jackson dkmg an
Ibanez rg350dx and a Aglile Al-2000 I play pretty hard rock and roll, through a tube amp
I played the Jackson and liked it somewhat but thought the neck was fatter than the Ibanez. Liked the way the Ibanez played and it didn't sound bad either but have read that they have problems staying in tune. Haven't played the Agile.

And of course I am having a hard time making a decision in this world of guitar diversity
The Agile is mfg in Korea the Ibanez in Indonesia and the Jackson I have no clue. So which is the better deal out of the three? Any help would be appreciated thanks UG
Quote by guitarguydm123
personally i prefer jackson

If you don't mind me asking, do you have a dkmg Jackson and if so how would you compare the feel of the neck to the Ibanez?

I just read that the Jackson is an alder body in my experience in the past alder sounds really thin. I'm assuming that the pickups in the dkmg are emg's or something similar.
Most people will tell you try them all out and get whatever feels and sounds best to you. Since you've already done that then I recommend the Ibanez. I've owned a few and for me they're very fast and comfortable to play. As for the tremolo; you can often expect to run into tuning issues with just about any double-locking trem system. Best advice is to have it professionally set up to your playing style or if you want to tackle the setup yourself, I've found that once you have the bridge at a comfortable setting and you're tuning it up, get a good tone then lock down the top nut and make your adjustments at the bridge. Hope this helps!

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Currently an Ibanez RG350 on sale at Musicians Friend and Sweetwater. Regular price was like... 430?? and it's only $250 in the current sale. MF has a coupon to take another $30 off too

Coupon is "givethanks" if you're interested.