About 3 weeks ago I was doing martial arts and while doing so I threw a kick and lost my balance and fell. When I fell, my wrist got hyperextended, or rattled. The pain has gone down a lot, but I still have problems when playing guitar. Sometimes it will hit that sweet spot while playing fast and it starts to hurt. I was wondering if anyone else ever experienced any wrist problems and what I can do to help it. (It's my left wrist btw)
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If it hurts, stop playing immediately. That's all you can do. Rest it and try again later.

A trip to the doctor can't hurt.
Stretching your wrist out will help a lot, and do it often it will help you heal much faster.

Take some extra time doing warmups and take it slow(gradually built up your speed), this will help to make sure you don't hurt your wrist while playing.

I had a hairline fracture in my finger from training for pro wrestling, never got it checked, and now it hurts at certain times while playing and when I went to the doctors, they said they cant do anything cause I waited
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Most breaks and hairline fractures have a constant throb, and in most cases after a couple hours they can't do much without re-breaking the bone. So if it's a hairline fracture then they would be making the injury worse to try and fix it. That an it's his wrist which is one of the worst places to have a break, bah starting to remember all the broken bones I've had over the years now ><

But if you can afford to get it checked out it's never a bad idea, so if you got the time and cache you might as well.
I was knife fighting with my friend (blades put away) and he slammed me in the bone on my wrist, that was in March. When he first hit it it swelled up really big and was black/blue for a couple days, couldn't move it for about an hour. It cracks several times when I rotate my hand in a circle and hurts if I push carts by hand too long at work, but other than that it's fine. I wouldn't worry about it. Probably not the best advice but that's just what I would do lol.
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I think I'll go talk to my ex-teacher. He knows all about joint manipulation and whatnot so he should be able to tell me what to do. Closest to a free doctors visit I can get. :P

Also, JustRooster, I'd like to know how I am a pussy for being concerned about my wrist when I play guitar? I'm a guitarist, and a martial artist. For me to not worry about it would be ignorant.
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1. Stop playing when it hurts. The old "walk it off" adage does not hold true when you're trying to heal an injury, especially when doing something like guitar playing, which is very demanding for the muscles involved in your arm(Hence why all the name-brand shredders have very healthy-looking arms), and you don't want to reinjure it.

2. Wear a brace. Restricting movement that could impair the healing process will go a long way in healing it. Especially while sleeping, where you could easily do so without realizing it, and stay like that for hours. You don't have to wear it 24/7, but whenever you make extensive use of it, and always when you sleep.

3. See a physical therapist. I injured my right leg running a few weeks ago. Went to see one of these guys, and he got rid of almost all the pain, to the point I was running later that day. They work wonders.

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Go to the doctor.