I'm working on a couple of riffs. So far I've got an intro, first verse and a bridge in that order. It's going to definitely be death metal. What could you tell me about the structure so far? Also I manually double tracked, thought it would make it a lot fuller.. what do you think?


I'm aware of the hideous click at 1:19, my bad. I had to stop and rerecord that part due to a mess up
And the diddly at the very end is just random, but possibly a good idea to use that same chord next?
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Oh yeah, this is really awesome. I love how thoughtful the riffs are. Not just simple riffings. I wish I could write like that . The guitar tone is awesome, and the double tracking makes it sound pretty heavy. This song sounds like its going to be intense. Keep up the good work.
sounds really good dude, the riffs are really decent, the quality of recording is too. I think it will be a sick song. also, thanks for listening to mine lol
Thanks for the crit. Just listened to your song, and it sounds pretty good. I liked the riffs you used, and the tone was pretty good for death metal. Honestly if you added a bass track to this as it is it would be pretty killer, I like it