Hey how is everyone's Thanksgiving goin?? Anyways, we're a Rock band from Santa Rosa, CA. Our style is Hard Rock with a blues influence. We're influenced by Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver, The Rolling Stones, and Cage the Elephant. Feel free to check us out here: http://www.reverbnation.com/backalleystrays

You can download our songs if you like them, view a few videos, and please if you like it, sign up for the mailing list or like us on facebook! Thank you all, hope you guys have an awesome rest of the week!
Sounds awesome man. I'm really impressed. Try to go for as unique a sound as possible - whatever you guys think is special about your band, emphasize it. That's how you make it big. Music that sounds new and different may not appeal to everybody, but it'll develop a following. Try to stay away from the generic. I thought that what stood out most was both how polished and smooth all of it was, and how interesting those solos were. They reminded me of Slash kinda. As for the singing, great voice! You just might want to make it a bit louder and clearer in the mix, since I had a bit of trouble making out some of the lyrics. Then again, I'm a Nirvana and Pearl Jam fan, so muddled vocals don't bother me at all. =P I dunno if I see the Rolling Stones influence, but you sound a ton like Velvet Revolver between the vocals and the lead guitar.