So i just got soundcloud premium. A feature is that pepole can download your songs. Th eproblem is that im not signed to anything, and i am afraid that in the future, pepole will download my music and say they made it, because i have no copyright...
So how do i disable the download feature?
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Google "Download soundcloud"

They want it, they're gettin' it.

If you're that paranoid, dont put it up on Soundcloud
Such is posting in Soviet Russia
Your stuff reminds me of Protest The Hero, it would be better if you actually played it instead of GuitarPro but I like it.

OT, i'm sure there's an option somewhere to disable downloads, most big artists that use Soundcloud don't allow it so it's there, just look through the song preferences.

edit, found it, go to the track and click the little pen thing then scroll down to where it has Advanced settings and click the X next to Downloads Disabled.
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