hp laptop, battery loses 1% a minute, replacement $129, wtf do I do?

This laptop I have is only 3 years young, and this past year the battery has crapped to the point it can't really hold a charge longer then a hour or so if using multiple tasks. the replacement is $129 lol. any suggestions? buy a new laptop, and leave this one at home? buy replacement battery?
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Mine does that so I always have it plugged in.

This, I'm never too far from a mains.
3 years is pretty old by laptop standards. Save up a bit and get a new one. You can get pretty high specs these days without forking out too much.
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Dude I haven't even had my laptop 11 months yet and it won't survive 5 minutes without being attached to the mains.
Even the charger has broken twice, plus the hard drive. I'm not wasting any more money on hp shit, just waiting to get a decent desktop for uni.
yeh my old laptop was like that a full charge would last about 10mins
tip if you get a new battery and if your using your laptop at home or near a socket just plug it into the mains and take the battery out which keeps it from dying so quickly
obviously the cheapest way is to buy a new battery. ordering one from china will probably be way less expensive
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This is why I hate laptops.

Obviously you should just get a desktop and carry it around with you.
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Mine does that so I always have it plugged in.

this. I'd take the battery out if I wasn't scared I'd accidently pull the cable out.
take battery out

keep laptop plugged in

essentially you have a desktop

but laptop shaped

it's what i do with my DV7
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Next time only plug in the laptop when it needs recharging, for real. Having it plugged in with a full battery day in and day out is what ruins the battery.
HP laptops are always shit. Save up a bit more money and invest in an ASUS or Toshiba.
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3 Years is way old for laptop standards and Hp tend to shit out very fast... Just save up and get a new one, until then use it plugged in.

QFT. Just buy a new one, and don't buy one from HP.
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That's what HP laptops do. I swear to god they're just AAA batteries in that casing.

Mine has to be plugged in to start up now it's that bad. Then again that is because of my reatarded brother using it and letting it run flat every single time he's on it.
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hp laptop

Well there's your problem. I had an HP Laptop that could barely hold a charge right out of the box, had it replaced and the problem was still there. It's probably the computer, not the battery. Get a better brand next time.
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i must be lucky... apart from the crap battery, my HP DV7 is a great computer...

and i'm not saying it's great compared to something crap, i'm just saying it's generally a great computer. does everything i need it to.
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