hi guys,

ive recently been looking into buying a new amp and i have narrowed down my choice to jet city amps JCA5212RC or a laney LC50. they are about the same price and i want to know what youd recommend. does the JCA's minimalist approach garuantee it to be better for the money?

i play mostly funk rock, alt rock and a bit of hard rock and blues but i would love to get a John Frusciante clean tone (slightly distorted/broken up, this i the tone i want: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2op4142irWw ) but i would also love to be able to get nice distortion when needed. im guessing the jet city amp has similarly good compared to the laney distortion but im getting a little big muff and a digitech hardwire sc-2 or boss ds-2 soon anyway.

i generally dont play other people music but john frusciantes tone is something special to me. i also like hendrix and slash style overdrive and maybe a bit of eric clapton from the cream era.

i see advantages in both of the amps. the jet city has two speaker (better for gigs) but the laney has two inputs, a high and a low. the laney also has a bright switch (doesnt really matter to me as i probably wont use it) and a modern distortion switch.

which amp would give me the tone i want best? frusciante uses marshalls, is it true that laneys are more marshall voiced or am i just making it up in my head? which amp has higher quality tubes in it (im guessing the JCA coz of its minimalist approach)?
keep it to one thread, someone will help you I'm sure.

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keep it to one thread, someone will help you I'm sure.


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